They Dated? Couples You Didn't Know Were a Thing

Lindsay also reveals she and Nico used to be "engaged" ... but, were they?

Nico Tortorella swung by "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" this week for one completely all-over-the-place episode. But what else is new? Let's dive in!

The hour kicked off with an awkwardly edited reminder from Panos that only some of the "ambassadors" will "continue on with the brand," something that really wasn't ever made clear. That's right -- after Kailah got pushback from Lindsay for viewing the show like a competition, the boss basically told them that it is, in fact, a competition.

Welcome to Mykonos, where confusion awaits you at every turn!

Things only got more complicated from there, as Panos trumpeted Tortorella's arrival. "Nico has been in Lindsay's life for a long time, they were engaged before," he matter-of-factly said in a voiceover. In her own confessional, Lohan also said that, "yes, we were engaged."

But, were they?

While the show presents their engagement as a thing that actually happened, it seems like Nico only joke proposed to Lohan back in 2013. When asked for clarification, Lohan's rep simply told us to "Ask Nico," who didn't get back to us.

While it's unclear if they ever even dated, but the two are definitely longtime friends. "We're like brother and sister when we're together," Lohan added, "Nico was really special to me, I think he's a great guy, he's respectful."

Their initial interactions together during the hour were awkward to watch, as she made fun of his earring and called him out for "shaking" around her ... something he said he wasn't doing at all. He also clocked her for "embellishing" the truth, which seems accurate.

Tortorella brought his own brand of spirituality to the club with him, first cleansing ambassador Alex's "forcefield." Alex, however, wasn't having it, saying in a confessional: "I just want you to stop talking to me about this bullshit."

But while Alex didn't necessarily vibe with their guest, Mike did.

During a house party at the ambassadors' place later that evening, Nico -- who identifies as sexually fluid -- showed genuine interest in Mike identifying as bisexual. The conversation led to one wild revelation from Lindsay's employee, who said he was "blackmailed into prostitution" as a teenager.

"I want to write a book about being a 14-year-old hoe," he said, seemingly out of nowhere. "I was blackmailed into prostitution."

In a confessional, Mike went into more detail: "When I was 14, I was very curious about who I was with my sexuality and I found myself in chat rooms. It didn't really turn out too well. The wrong people found out my full identity, who my family were, who my friends were and then it turned into a blackmail situation. Literally, like a forced prostitute in New York City from like 16, 17."

He told Nico it lasted "3-4 years" and he doesn't know the identity of the man who blackmailed him. We have about 1,000 more questions, but that's as deep as the conversation went.

Tortorella's visit also led to some tense moments between Brent and the rest of the group, who all hate him because he's generally been a terrible person all season. During the "Savage Moon Ceremony," which Nico hosted, they were all asked to share their highs and lows ... and many of the lows dealt with Brent.

Billy, Kyle and Mike all felt a certain kind of way about Brent, Gabi said she felt like puking when Sara expressed her love for him and Brent retaliated by calling them all "jealous."

During the house party, he proved that he's once again the worst boyfriend ever to Sara by totally ignoring her when some of his other friends showed up to party. Billy saw this as a moment to swoop in and try and steal her away, something Jonitta clocked with the best quote of the night: "A shoulder to cry on ends up becoming a dick to ride on."

She might be right, as Sara was seen kissing Billy in a preview for next week.

"Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" airs Mondays on MTV.

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