Prostitution Accusations Creep Back Up on Danielle Staub During Explosive 'RHONJ' Reunion Conclusion
'Real Housewives' Before They Were Famous

Margaret accuses Danielle of being a prostitute and having a "sham wedding" to get back on TV.

Danielle Staub joined the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" on Wednesday's Season 9 reunion conclusion, and she had a lot to say.

But so did Margaret Josephs.

Danielle walked in and sat beside Teresa Giudice, Dolores Catania and Jennifer Aydin. On the other couch were her "enemies": Margaret Josephs, Melissa Gorga and Jackie Goldschneider. At the time, she had just separated from Marty Caffrey, who she married on this season of "RHONJ."

When Andy Cohen asked how long the marriage lasted, Danielle said, "Two months," adding that she and Marty were still living together. Andy also brought up the restraining orders the two had placed on one another, with Danielle adding, "But he did it on social media, which is even more disgusting."

"Both of you are all over social media, living out this messy divorce," Margaret shot back. Danielle insisted she "wasn't doing that."

"Didn't you just do an interview on TMZ?" Melissa Gorga asked. Danielle said that was in response to "everything" Marty had done to her, adding, "I wanna take it out of the public eye."

"You put it on social media that you were selling your rings!" Margaret added. Dolores Catania gasped. So did we.

The conversation naturally led to Danielle's failed marriage and the Bridezilla she became during her Bahamian wedding. During her rehearsal dinner, Danielle made a comment about how Marty's kids hate her.

"I didn't talk about his kids like anything," she maintained during the reunion. "I made a reference to the fact that they did not like me."

"We have it on camera!" Margaret shouted. "You go, 'You raised that. You raised that.'" Melissa interjected to say she was "blown away" when Marty actually said he had chosen Danielle over his kids.

"I never wanted him to take my side over his kids'," Danielle insisted. Margaret replied, "You did. You did."

"Did they have a brunch the next morning, and you told Marty, 'I'm not staying with those pieces of shit!'?" Margaret continued. "That's what you said to me! That's exactly what you said! You've taken a 66-year-old man, and you've ruined his family." Danielle just kept saying she never ruined anyone's family.

"Danielle, no one believes you!" Margaret shouted. "I mean, you put on a sham wedding to get on TV! Who would believe you?" Danielle told Margaret to speak for herself.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to speak for everybody else," Margaret replied sarcastically. "I'll just speak for the rest of America, who has now said, 'Danielle Staub went to marry Marty to get it on TV to make herself relevant.'"

When Andy asked Melissa if she felt that was true, she replied, "There's a part of me that felt like it was gonna make good TV. A wedding is great ratings. It just didn't feel right. I was like, 'Something's off.'"

Dolores was way less reserved when Andy asked for her thoughts on the failed marriage. "Did I think the marriage was gonna work? No, I did not. She's f--king crazy," Dolores said before calling Danielle a "whack-a-doo." Joe Gorga added, "I think it's f--king crazy."

Viewers then got to see a video montage of the demise of Danielle and Margaret's relationship. Things began to deteriorate around the time of Danielle's wedding. When Danielle told Teresa that Margaret said she was untrustworthy, Margaret decided to sever all ties with Danielle.

Remember that Cabo dinner from hell when Danielle told Margaret that her kids are never with her because they can't stand her, which resulted in wine and glass being thrown? Here's what Danielle had to say about that: "I don't think I was going after her relationship with her children. I was trying to make a point."

"I was saying your judgement to have an affair while you were married was a very poor thing for you to do," Danielle added as she turned her sights to Margaret.

"Oh, please! Pot calling the kettle black," Margaret fired back. "You were never with a married man?"

"Are you serious right now?!" Danielle shouted.

"Do prostitutes never sleep with married men?" Margaret asked. Andy's eyes nearly came out of his head as he asked Margaret, "Are you accusing Danielle of being a prostitute?"

"Not right now," she replied. "But wasn't she once before? She met her first husband -- her second husband -- when she was a stripper. And he was married! I love it. A video on PornHub is the moral compass of relationships with children. I love it!"

Danielle called Margaret a "shitty person" for bringing up her sex tape that went viral in 2010. As for the prostitution allegation, she said, "Oh, honey, look in the mirror."

"You know what? You can change your face, you can change your address, you can change your clothes, but you haven't changed your soul," Margaret said as Andy continued to cringe. "You can change your name, but you're still that Beverly inside. That's what I found out about you. You need to work on your soul. It's black!"

In 1986, Danielle lived in Miami and went by the name Beverly Merrill. That year, she was was allegedly arrested with six kilos of cocaine and $16,000 in cash.

In 2010, PEOPLE spoke with Danielle about some of the allegations made against her in the 1996 book, "Cop Without a Badge: The Extraordinary Undercover Life of Kevin Maherin," which her co-stars discovered and confronted her about during Season 1. "Cop" tells the story of Kevin Maher, an undercover FBI informant who was briefly married to "Beverly" in the late '80s.

"I was never a prostitute. Never," Danielle told PEOPLE. "I do enjoy a healthy sex life, but with one partner [at a time]." As for the book's references to her heavy cocaine use: "I was a pothead, period."

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