'RHOA' Reunion Recap: NeNe Gets Into It with Porsha and Cynthia, Eva Addresses Colorism Controversy
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Andy also makes Kandi cry by recalling a special moment they shared when going through surrogacy at the same time.

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" got a lot off their chests during Part 1 of the Season 11 reunion on Sunday night.

First, NeNe Leakes and a then-ready-to-pop Porsha Williams took turns claiming the other was unsupportive, then Kandi Burruss asked Eva Marcille what she really meant by her "shady as f--k" comments about Shamea Morton, before Andy Cohen made Kandi cry by recalling a special moment they shared when going through surrogacy at the same time.

The hour ended with NeNe taking several jabs at Cynthia Bailey for being "insecure" in her relationship.

Let's dive in...

NeNe and Porsha Attack Each Other for Being Unsupportive

It all started when Andy asked Porsha about her baby shower, gender reveal and everything in between. She noted that NeNe and Kandi had been absent from her baby shower, but Kandi still sent several gifts. When Andy asked if NeNe had sent presents as well, Porsha said she either hadn't received them or NeNe didn't send them. NeNe clarified that she didn't send any, and that was that.

Andy noted that NeNe lives "down the street from Porsha" and asked Leakes if she had been checking in on her. "No," NeNe replied without elaborating. When Andy asked why she didn't go to the gender reveal, Porsha interrupted, "She ain't been to shit!"

NeNe said she stopped going to Porsha's events because Porsha wasn't supporting her or going to her events. Oddly enough, Porsha felt the same way. This was a chicken-egg situation that had no resolution.

Eva Addresses Colorism Controversy

During the season, Eva made a comment about Porsha's friend, Shamea: "She ain't Blaque with a Q." Kandi -- and many viewers -- felt the comment was made in reference to Shamea being a darker-skinned Black woman. At the time, Kandi called the comment "shady as f--k." Naturally, Andy asked Eva what she meant by the remark.

"I meant that she was not in a singing group even though she was an aspiring singer," Eva explained. "The fact that you brought that up, thank you. I would like to clear up this whole idea of me having a colorism issue. Colorism is an issue in communities of color all over the world, and to take lightly, like, 'Oh, she doesn't like dark-skinned people...'"

"It definitely did not come off like you was trying to say she wasn't in a singing group," Kandi said sternly, keeping her cool. "That's not how it felt; that's not how it came off."

Kandi maintained she never thought Eva "didn't like" dark-skinned people; she simply perceived the comment to be offensive. She said Porsha "didn't like the comment either."

Eva said it was never her "intention" to offend anyone and Kandi agreed to accept the explanation without an outright apology.

Andy Recalls Emotional Phone Call to Kandi

During the season, Kandi took cameras along to witness her first meeting with a potential surrogate. Neither she nor Todd knew what to expect, but they ultimately decided to move forward with the process. She told Andy and the ladies they had decided to transfer two embryos, meaning they could possibly be adding two more babies to her family.

"I called you because I was watching what you were going through on the show," Andy told Kandi. "I just wanted to talk to you about it because I was going through it, and you didn't know that I was going through it at the time. I wanted to tell you really what my experience was and give you a little bit of a boost."

"I didn't realize you felt so strongly about it because it was your own personal experience," Kandi replied.

"It was something you said on that call that really struck," Andy said. Kandi's eyes instantly welled up as she began to explain what she said.

"I said, 'Well, I guess I'm gonna have a baby mama,'" she recalled. "And you was like, 'Don't you ever say that because you are that baby's mother, and if you say that then you are taking away from yourself.'"

Andy was touched. He then praised the surrogacy process and the women who who "sacrifice" so much of themselves to serve as vessels for those who need it. "I kept saying to my surrogate, 'How are you feeling about the idea of me being in the delivery room and you handing this baby to me?'" he said. "And she said, 'I can't wait to see you hold your child.'"


NeNe Thinks Cynthia's Insecure

NeNe said she felt Cynthia's constant use of the hashtag #CHill on her photos with her boyfriend (Cynthia + Mike Hill) made her seem "insecure." When Cynthia asked how, NeNe elaborated.

"That's how I feel about it. It seems like it's overdone, like it's overkill to me," she explained. "A girl can have an opinion, honey! But I have been the most supportive of Cynthia and Michael, despite what any of these girls are out here saying."

"Yeah, which is why I don't know why you think it's -- like, can I just live if I want to?" Cynthia replied. NeNe barked back, "Yes you can, but can I just have an opinion if I want to?"

Cynthia began to say, "As a friend..." which NeNe took issue with.

"It's great. It's amazing. I think it's amazing," NeNe said sarcastically. "I was asked a question, and I gave my opinion -- friend."

"Okay, well," Cynthia replied calmly, "I didn't like your opinion -- friend."

Their feud will surely continue next week, but check out what Cynthia told TooFab about those seemingly sketchy scenes during the finale.

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