Maria Menounos Wants Alex Trebek to Slide Into Her DMs for Cannabis Advice
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"My advice would be DM me on Instagram so I can help him get into this program," she told us.

This slippery method of opening communications can be found in Instagram parlance.

Maria Menounos wants Alex Trebek to slide into her DMs — for cannabis advice.

Maria told TooFab that she wanted to make contact with her fellow TV host when she heard he'd been diagnosed with cancer, but admitted she "dropped the ball" because she didn't want him to think she was "just some weirdo reaching out."

The 40-year-old, who herself was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2017 as her mother was battling stage 4 brain cancer, reacted with relief upon hearing the good news the "Jeopardy" host's tumors had shrunk by 50%, and urged him to consider the medicinal properties of cannabis to help continue his fight.

"Everyone should see Ricki Lake's documentary 'Weed The People', and see the positive effects of it," she told us. "I know my mom has only seen shrinkage of her tumors since she got on it. I think it's a huge, huge thing."

"Even if it's just lowering stress — my mom had to deal with me being diagnosed, she had to deal with two car crashes with my dad and my brother... she didn't feel any of it."

Maria said she wanted to link Trebek with Dr. Anahid Jewett's Natural Killer Cells study at UCLA.

"My advice would be DM me on Instagram so I can help him get into this program. I would really, really love to help him, it was my urge instantly to reach out cause I've been helping a lot of people," she said. "I'm like an unofficial concierge now!"

"I would love to help him on his journey because we've had a lot of success with my mom," she continued. "If he thinks he's having success from positivity, I believe it, because I know my mom has had a lot of success with the positive energy as well... but I would definitely advise him on some of the things that's been helpful for us."

In March of this year Trebek devastated fans when he revealed he was battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer, but vowed to fight his poor prognosis, and to complete the three years remaining on his Jeopardy contract.

Earlier this month he reported he was responding exceptionally well to treatment and had managed to halve the size of some of his tumors, crediting prayer and well-wishes, promising to plow ahead with further rounds of chemotherapy in the hopes of pushing the cancer into full remission.

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