Ja Rule is So Much Like Tupac It Made Suge Knight Cry (Exclusive)
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The rapper also revealed whether or not he will be involved in the newly-listed sale of the Fyre Fest island.

There probably isn't a lot that could bring Suge Knight to tears... but Ja Rule's similarity to Tupac Shakur is one of them, apparently.

"It was an emotional moment for Suge because I think he's seen qualities in me that I guess he's seen in Pac," the rapper described a meeting of the two.

"And then actually meeting me we had I guess similar energy to him because he asked me a question and when I answered he said, 'Yo that’s exactly what Pac said.' And he got real emotional. This is real shit."

The anecdote first came to light via Irv Gotti, who told Vlad TV Knight "broke down with real tears" when he met Ja and was reminded of the late 2Pac.

"I mean, he's human right? People got emotions and shit," Ja said at LAX, insisting Suge loved Tupac and was just a misunderstood dude.

"A smart guy, good business mind... aggressive with his business, but somehow when big black guys are aggressive with their business they gangsters, you know what I'm saying? When you shrewd and you black, and you 6'5, and you talking about you blood, it's a little different. It's a different shrewdness, you know what I mean?"

But just because Suge is "gangster" — that doesn't mean he's not in touch with his emotions.

"Gangsters cry man, don't get it f--ked up man," he said. "You know I know a lot of real, real gangsters and the one thing I do know about them is you wouldn't know they were gangsters. Like when you're around them and the first thing you would say is, 'This is the guy that is responsible and all this crazy stories are about? Because he is a sweetheart to people that are good to him."

"And so that is what you need to realize about most gangsters. I mean when you watch the gangster movies it's always about family... I think people, what gangster shit is, they get that confused. Gangster shit is about family, it's the realest part of it. It's family first."

Ja also reacted to the news that the island used to promote his disastrous Fyre Festival was now up for sale for $12million, which he said was a little too pricey.

"But it has the name, it has the hooplah with it so you know, maybe somebody will write that check," he added.

He will not, however, be involved in helping with the sales pitch.

"Oh no no! No sales pitches for me!" he laughed. "I'm good. I'm good!"

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