Ja Rule Hits Back After He's Dragged on Twitter for Disastrously Awkward NBA Halftime Performance
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The rapper curses the Timberwolves after they shade him online, too.

Fresh off the Fyre Festival scandal revisited, thanks to a pair of documentaries of the disastrous music festival that wasn't, Ja Rule was met with an incredibly tepid response during a halftime performance to celebrate the '90s.

The rapper was invited to perform for the Milwaukee Bucks Saturday night as part of the franchise's '90s-themed night, and even he thought that was a little odd, noting, "They said this was Nineties night, so they brought out a 2000s artist. But my album came out in ’99 so I guess that counts."

There was almost no audible response from the crowd to his joke, but that awkwardness was only the beginning of Ja Rule's troubles, as technical difficulties delayed the start of his performance. Talking to his DJ, he shouted, "Are we ready?" a couple of times, receiving a tepid response from his audience and nothing for his DJ.

"I guess not," he finally conceded.

Some intrepid people on Twitter decided to make things look much worse than they were by isolating this moment and removing all sounds from the crowd to make it look like Ja Rule was speaking directly to their overwhelming silence. It was admittedly funnier, but not altogether accurate.

The delay made things even more awkward for the rapper as the Bucks took to the court and started practicing their shots while he was still performing. Twitter exploded with laughing emojis and viral memes getting Ja Rule's name trending throughout the night Saturday and into Sunday morning.

But Ja Rule defended his performance, arguing that they were missing what really went down. It wasn't lack of enthusiasm on the part of the audience, but rather a technical delay that led to the awkward exchange between him and his DJ. "I rocked that bitch," he wrote. "Thanks for the love Milwaukee!!! Great win, my streak continues."

Twitter was having too much fun to worry about his version of events, though: