Brandi Glanville and Teddi Mellencamp Talk Eddie and LeAnn, Edmonds' Drama on Cheating Podcast
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"I feel like LeAnn, in a way, saved me a decade of heartache," says Brandi now.

For her Teddi Tea Pod podcast about cheating, Teddi Mellencamp-Arroyave invited on a guest who certainly knows something about the topic: Former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville.

Glanville was famously cheated on by ex-husband Eddie Cibrian, who had an affair with LeAnn Rimes after the two met while working on the TV movie "Northern Lights" in 2009. It later came out he stepped out on her with other women, including "Vanderpump Rules" star Scheana Shay.

Right off the bat, Teddi asked Brandi to break down her past with Eddie and while it's a story we've heard before, it's always worth a listen for all of Glanville's random asides about her ex and the country singer.

"I'm a Scorpio, I have a little crazy intuition, I knew something was going on and all my friends were like, 'You're crazy Brandi,'" she recalled. "Come to find out, yes, they were having an affair. I was told it was a one time thing, he denied it publicly, I really really wanted to believe him."

Initially, she thought they could get past it with counseling, but once she learned about other women -- from reports on Access Hollywood and Perez Hilton, no less -- that's when she "took the knife, slashed the motorcycle tires." She added, "He's lucky he was not home at that point, I was livid."

Looking back, she said she thought it was suspicious that he had two cell phones at the time, when he wasn't working steadily. "I was like, what the hell do you need two phones for? He's like, 'One's for business,'" she claimed. "I was so afraid of what I would find, I would never look."

She said that she was still "madly in love" with Eddie after finding out about his indiscretions, but knew she couldn't be with him anymore. She claimed he was telling her he loved her still, but was "behind my back while we were in counseling, seeing LeAnn."

"I feel like LeAnn, in a way, saved me a decade of heartache," she added. "What if I didn't find this out forever and suddenly one day there's 100 women?"

Speaking about cheating more generally later in the podcast, she said she puts the blame on both parties involved. "I always say it takes two to tango. It's not just her," she said, while talking about the "other woman" in the scenario. "It's not like she took his pants down ... maybe she did ... but he was part of the problem. I feel like the other woman tends to get blamed 100% for it ... no, he went."

Without naming names she said she has noticed that with some "child stars," they "have this vendetta, like I got your man."

Regarding her own situation with Eddie, Glanville said the couple's children, Mason and Jake, do know about their messy history. "With Mason, he was 6, so he remembers everything," she explained. "They know now. I really never ... it is public, they know, but I never sat and told them. It's just, I don't want to put them off on their father."

"They know everything now and Jake's like, 'If you were my wife, I would have never broken up with you,'" she added. "They are aware and they give me extra love and I love it. It's hard. Everything's on the internet."

They then shifted their focus on another couple currently airing all their dirty laundry online: Jim and Meghan King Edmonds. The former "Real Housewives of Orange County" stars have been going back and forth at each other in the press, with her accusing him of acting inappropriate with their nanny and other young women. He denies anything illicit took place.

"Ugh, gross. I can't with either one of them," said Brandi when Teddi brought up their names. "They're doing it all publicly and I'm sorry, no one cares. Not to be rude, but this is a point where we have two narcissists, very clearly, and they have to play this out in the public ... I don't understand it."

Teddi called Jim's relationship with the nanny "weird," asking why he had so many photos of her on his Instagram before deleting them.

"You choose to have children with someone that you know is a known cheater and you cry about it after," added Brandi. "I feel bad for her situation, but the fact you're acting like you're shocked about this and sharing it in a public forum, I don't understand how that's going to help them repair anything or help the kids."

Teddi said she also had empathy for the ex-RHOC star, but said it's probably "the best thing for her" that their relationship is over.