Jamie Foxx Talks Mile High Club, Horrifies Ellen Audience Answering Burning Questions
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
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"I'm trying to be truthful and honest and I'm being persecuted for it."

Jamie Foxx was the latest celebrity put in the hot seat by Ellen DeGeneres and he did not disappoint.

Appearing on her talk show Thursday, the "Just Mercy" star joined the host for a round of Burning Questions -- where he was more than willing to reveal a few embarrassing things about himself and a secret or two about his Hollywood lifestyle.

Ellen kicked it off by first asking, "When was the last time you partied all night long?"

"I am still at the party. I partied all night long," the 52-year-old star revealed. "My birthday was December 13, I have been sleepy and slightly drunk since December 13, every night. I'm like Leonardo DiCaprio!"

Taking himself out of the running, DeGeneres then wondered which other celebrity throws the best parties. Without hesitation, he said Sean "Diddy" Combs. Don't believe him? Just check out these photos from the musician's 50th birthday bash -- it was insane!

When Ellen asked him to describe the perfect date, Foxx joked, "Reading scriptures. Trying to get closer to the Lord. Hallelujah!" She then kept the questions spicy by asking Jamie if he's a member of the Mile High Club.

"That means you get high when you're in the plane? Yes. I smoke it up," he joked. When the host pressed for the real answer -- whether he's had sex in an airplane -- he admitted that, yes, he had.

After revealing what he sleeps in at night, details about his first kiss and a reenactment of his favorite celebrity impression, Foxx then explained how he embarrasses his kids -- and left Ellen's audience horrified by his answer.

"I don't wear underwear all the time. It's not a bad thing, I'm a natural person," he said. "Sometimes when I'm working on stuff, my kids ... okay let's just go to something else. You guys have a look of horror on your face!"

"I'm trying to be truthful and honest and I'm being persecuted for it," he joked.

Foxx's latest film, "Just Mercy," is in theaters now.