Oprah and Gayle Spill on Sexting and One Night Stands Playing Never Have I Ever
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"We both better put our fingers down," exclaimed Gayle when the subject of one-night stands came up.

This video is probably the best way to blow nine minutes today.

Ashley Graham put best friends Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King through a game of Never Have I Ever for the latest installment of OprahMag.com's The OG Chronicles -- and it did not disappoint. While these two clearly know a lot about each other, a few of these answers surprised even them.

O kicked off the game by exclaiming, "Never have I ever played this before," before Graham laid out the rules. They'd each start with a full hand raised, dropping a finger every time she said something they had done. Whoever dropped all their fingers first would have to take a shot of either hot sauce or apple cider vinegar, since Gayle doesn't drink. They played two rounds total.

First, Graham asked whether they'd ever stalked someone on Instagram. Oprah had no idea what that even meant, as neither had done it before. Winfrey then revealed she has never played hooky from work, explaining, "For 25 years, I didn't miss a frickin' day!" Gayle, on the other hand, did "a long time ago," saying it was "a mental health thing."

When asked if they'd ever interviewed someone they "disliked," King said her best friend "better put that finger down," before O did just that.

It really got interesting when Graham wondered who had sexted in the past. "Definitely not," Oprah replied, "Hell the hell no, are you kidding me? I'd be a fool." King admitted she'd even be shocked if Winfrey dropped a finger, adding, "I would want to see that picture" if O had been sending nudes. While Gayle also had never sexted, Ashley said it's something she and her husband Justin Ervin "get into."

In the first round, Oprah would also admit to pretending to know a celebrity she really didn't know and said she had considered plastic surgery, while Gayle denied both. They both then put their fingers down when asked about one-night stands.

"Mine would have been [1982], something like that," said Oprah. Meanwhile, "It would have been 82, 81" for Gayle. Joked Graham, "Same year? You guys were little hussies."

With that, Oprah lost the first round, throwing back a shot of apple cider vinegar.

The second round wasn't nearly as scandalous, as Gayle admitted to lying to her best friend about where she was and returning a piece of clothing after wearing it. They both revealed they'd also re-gifted a gift -- with King saying hers was a curling wand, while Winfrey gave away a vase -- and neither had been to a strip club.

When asked whether they'd skinny-dipped before, Oprah said she never had, even in her own pool. "And I've got three," she added. Gayle, however, had done it at least once in a hot tub.

Lastly, they were asked if they had ever lied in a game of Never Have I Ever -- and they both swore they hadn't. Nobody lost the second round.