Kristen Bell Takes Over 'Ellen,' Gets Grilled About Elsa's Sexuality and Is Totally Jealous of Jamie Foxx
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The substitute host answers questions about the "Frozen" sequel -- okay the same question over and over -- and welcomes kid hip-hop dancer Lil' Mushroom back to the show.

Ellen DeGeneres was off again on Thursday, but not to fear as her good friend Kristen Bell was happy to step in to host her show (and totally throw her under the bus). Bell was even more excited to interview Jamie Foxx and his daughter, Corinne.

Right off the bat, Bell explained to the "Ellen" audience that she was, in fact, not Ellen DeGeneres. "I'm not Ellen, but I am a lot like Ellen," she admitted. "We're both blonde. We both have blue eyes. We both have a tramp stamp that says Portia."

Kristen got rave reviews last year when she stepped in to host for Jimmy Kimmel at the last minute, and she proved again that she is very comfortable in this role, if not always very nice. "She's just taking a vacation day," Kristen explained. "It just so happens, though, that it's the same day as the monthly staff drug tests. You guys think that's a coincidence? I don't."

She tried taking some questions from the audience, but everyone was obsessed with only one thing: "Is Elsa gay?" One woman tried a more sly approach to the question by first asking if Kristen was really friends with Ellen. When told that they were, the woman asked, "Then do you think you could ask Ellen if Elsa is gay?"

Even Bell's own mother didn't provide much relief. Sitting in the audience, Kristen called on her to ask how she was doing. "I think some people are enjoying it," Mama Bell shot back.

We've got all the highlights of her exciting day with the Foxxes and kid dancer Lil' Mushroom below.

Jamie Foxx Is Living Kristen's Best Life

Kristen Bell is so jealous of Jamie Foxx' life, she doesn't even bother to hide it anymore. Her jaw literally dropped open when the "Robin Hood" star talked about singing with Barbra Streisand when he was in The Hamptons. It was the most genuine reaction and we totally get it.

Foxx admitted that he talks different when he's up there, affecting a stereotypical "white person voice." He then spotted a couple of black women in the audience and said, "I'm sorry, sister. My bad. Stay real." After a pause, he added, "Wakanda forever," complete with the "Black Panther" salute.

Jamie Foxx Couldn't Handle His Daughter at Coachella

A little later, Jamie and Kristen were joined by Jamie's daughter Corinne Foxx, who has also joined her father on the just-debuted second season of "Beat Shazam." Corinne takes over DJ duties from October Gonzalez. While she loves the opportunity, not everything is roses.

"As you guys can see, he has a lot of energy. There's a lot of him dancing on the show, which I don't know if I love," she said of Jamie, who serves as host for the Fox game show.

Jamie and Corinne have been Hollywood fixtures together for years, with the star often taking his daughter on red carpets with him. But now she's 24-years old, and he's having to adjust to having a grown woman as his daughter, and it isn't always easy. Jamie is still struggling with their joint appearance at Coachella.

"He didn't approve of my outfit, which was really appropriate," Corinne said, noting what many women wear to the festival. Hers was conservative in comparison, though it was skin-tight with some sheer elements.

"I'm just not prepared for all that," Jamie said, unable to look at the pictures for too long. "That's just too much for a Daddy to take in right now."

"You Bet Your Daughter"

Since Kristen's mom was there, as well as Jamie and Corinne, producers had everything they needed to play "You Bet Your Daughter." It simply involved blindfolding Kristen and Corinne and hoisting them high above the stage. Then, their parents challenged one another to see which of their daughters could name more of common things like breakfast cereals, rappers and dance styles.

"Why did I agree to this!" Kristen shrieked, unsure how high she was and terrified of the impending drops to the stage floor below. Corinne wasn't doing much better, even after Jamie assured her, "I'm right here, baby. But if you fall, we'll get insurance money."

It was a tense battle made even worse by the overwhelming confidence both parents had in their daughters. TEN breakfast cereals? ELEVEN rappers? This was harder than it looked.

After her feet hit the floor, Kristen got to welcome one of Ellen's favorite guests, tiny dancer Lil' Mushroom, who showed off some of her art before showing off her skills on the dance floor. As always, it was absolutely adorable. You can check that moment out below.

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