Tiffany Haddish's Most Incredible Celebrity Encounters ... So Far!

The "Nobody's Fool" star also talks about the Hollywood superstar who inspired her to build an empire after the most unlikely bonding experience.

Tiffany Haddish is already one of the biggest and freshest voices in Hollywood, and she brought all of her vivacious and hilarious charm to an epic lip sync battle and chat with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday.

Before they even sat down and dug into her new film "Nobody's Fool," or talked about her dreams of empire building and man finding, Haddish came out to play "Lip Sync Battle," only she didn't really come to play. She came to slay!

Fallon gave an admirable effort on Post Malone's "Psycho," but relied too heavily on his fake face tattoos. He was much stronger digging into the ridiculous visuals of the classic Dee-Lite music video for "Groove Is in the Heart."

But Haddish came out strong with "Afro Puffs" from The Lady of Rage, proving you don't need gimmicks all the time for great lip sync performances. But then, she also proved that great gimmicks can make a performance even better.

Haddish moved in front of The Roots, flipped the camera to black-and-white and became James Brown for "Sex Machine." She even got to put on and dramatically throw off a cape! It wasn't even close, but it was also one of the most charismatic and fun "Lip Sync Battle" performances we've ever seen.

Fallon rightfully conceded victory to her, and even gave her props at the desk for her choice of "Afro Puffs." When he tried to jam out with her, though, he said, "Rough and tough" instead of "rough and stuff."

"You know, everybody messes up lyrics sometimes with songs that they really don't know," Haddish said seriously, giving a sly look to the audience.

"Did that just happen?" Fallon asked.

"Yup. That was a shade tree I had just put up," Haddish said.

Fallon then congratulated her on her Emmy win for "Saturday Night Live," predicting that there will be more trophies in her future, to which Haddish quickly replied, "Really? You think so? That's so nice of you. I'm gonna prefer more checks."

As always, Haddish was on fire, quick-witted and cutting with her jabs ... some of which clearly went right over Fallon's head. But it was all in good fun, just as when she took to Instagram to try and see what kind of dates men might offer her.

"It was a lot of really bad ones," Haddish admitted of the response. "Like horrible." And apparently Marlon Wayans gave the absolute worst offer, which you have to hear to believe. Let's just say if your date includes Burger King and an air mattress at your mama's house, you might need to take care of some things.

But there was one response that got her attention, from a military man and doctor. "He's in the middle of a war zone right now, so he can't really travel to me, but love is a battlefield, so I'm thinking about it," she told Fallon.

Later in the show, Haddish teashed her upcoming Netflix special, for which she's about to head out on the road for a stand-up tour. Because clearly starring in a television show ("The Last O.G.") and four or more movies a year isn't enough for the 38-year old.

"I have so much material, probably like two or three hours worth, but they only paying me for an hour so that's all they gonna get," Haddish joked.

But all that hard work is part of a mission for Haddish. She said that she bonded with "Nobody's Fool" writer and director Tyler Perry over the most unlikely of things to have in common with someone.

"He lived in a Geo Metro like me," she said, asking Fallon, "Have you ever lived in a car?" When he said no, she quickly added, "White privilege."

But that bond also proved a tremendous inspiration for Haddish. "Tyler lived in a car. And then he pulled himself up by the bootstraps and built an empire and that's what I want to do," she said. "And he's teaching me and stuff."

With her drive, charisma and talent, she just might pull that off and we'll be watching "Tiffany Haddish Presents" films and television shows.

"Nobody's Fool" stars Tika Sumpter, Omari Hardwick, Mehcad Brooks, Amber Riley and Whoopie Goldberg, and hits theaters next Friday, November 2.

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