'RHOA' Fight of the Night: Eva Accuses Porsha of 'Character Assassination' Before NeNe Explodes on Tanya
'Real Housewives' Before They Were Famous

"I'm not wishing a motherf--king thing!" NeNe shouts at Tanya. "I don't give a f--k!"

The ladies of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" headed to Tokyo for a little R&R, but of course, they got none of that.

The start to a very dramatic trip was captured on Sunday's new hour -- starting with Marlo Hampton being the only one whose bags got lost, and Eva Marcille getting some unfortunate news about her grandfather's health. NeNe Leakes was in a terrible mood because Gregg snapped at her over God-knows-what (reminder: he has cancer), and Kandi Burruss was still harboring resentment toward Porsha Williams following the whole party fiasco.

Nice and relaxing, right?

The real drama didn't enter the fray until the first meal of the trip. Given that it was her vacation (a pseudo-bachelorette party, if you will), Eva decided to open the floor to anyone who needed to get anything off their chest. She went first.

"I like you, Porsha. I feel like you and I started to get to know each other," she began. "But when we were at Tanya's house doing hibachi, out of nowhere, it was like, 'Eva, are you shady?' To throw me on blast in front of everybody -- you stunted on me a little bit. I thought we were friends. That's a character assassination."

Porsha was stunned. "A character assassination? Really? I don't know if it was that deep," she replied calmly. "If I notice something that you're doing and it's a pattern and I bring it up to you, I don't expect you to be walking around hurt about it. You can bring it up to me, but don't act like I'm coming at you."

Porsha went on to recall the various jabs Eva's taken at the ladies behind their backs, saying she "talked about Shamea like a dog" and later kissed her ass.

"I don't want you going and being like, 'Porsha's always coming at me.' Nuh-uh!" Porsha said. "Don't play the victim on me like that because I'm a very nice person. I'm love and light as well."

"It seems fake," Marlo added of Eva's behavior. "It scares me. So she'll talk behind my back, and as soon as you see me, you're gonna be, 'Hi!' No, bitch, don't speak to me."

"I heard you talked about me like a cat!" Marlo continued, adding that she got that information from "the streets."

The group sort of laughed off the ordeal and set it aside because Porsha had bigger things to discuss -- like her BABY! She made the announcement, and everyone -- including Eva and Kandi -- was thrilled.

The next day, the ladies headed to a sacred temple to do some praying and soul-searching. They were also given fortunes. Tanya's said something about marriage being in her future. Marlo took the paper and showed NeNe, saying, "Look, bitch! Paul gonna marry her."

"You may marry somebody else," NeNe said. The comment was definitely odd.

The ladies then went for some sushi, where the topics of engagement rings, marriage and pregnancy were discussed. Tanya brought up that her man, Paul, "should talk to Dennis about rings because Paul did a damn good job." The ladies were confused, so Cynthia Bailey asked point-blank if Tanya and Paul were married.

"Do we have a piece of paper and a legal courtroom [event] that says we are married? No," she replied, adding that Paul was her "life partner" and that they plan to be "together until the end."

"Trail very lightly onto the end," NeNe suggested.

"What does that mean?" Tanya demanded, bringing up what NeNe said back at the temple.

"It's not that serious," NeNe insisted. Tanya replied, "It is serious!" NeNe said, "It's not that serious to me."

"I don't care if y'all married or not. I'm not into it," NeNe continued. "I don't. So please don't think I'm questioning you about your marriage. Now, I want you to be happy, but I do not care. I've been married over 20-something years. I am very serious about love, okay? If you took it personal, too bad!"

"I kind of did because I was like, 'Whoa, why are you wishing I'm marrying someone else?'" Tanya replied.

"I'm not wishing a motherf--king thing!" NeNe shouted. "I don't give a f--k!"

The room was silent.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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