'RHOA' Fight of the Night: NeNe and Porsha Voice Frustrations with Their Men
'Real Housewives' Before They Were Famous

NeNe Leakes gets fed up with Gregg's attitude, and Porsha Williams catches Dennis in a lie.

There was trouble in paradise for NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams on the latest episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," where things got heated for both women and their significant others.

Sunday's new hour picked up where last week's episode left off -- with Porsha and Kandi Burruss at each other's throats after Kandi kicked Porsha out of Todd's party for threatening to fight one of her friends.

The two couldn't agree on exactly who was the "aggressor" -- Porsha, or Kandi's friend who also happened to be exes with Porsha's boyfriend, Dennis. Kandi's friend claimed she was still with Dennis when he first got with Porsha and that he has tattoos of her name and face to prove it. She also said that Dennis was texting her the night of Todd's party. But Porsha refused to believe any of it and defended her man -- blindly -- to Kandi, to Bravo cameras, to everyone.

Eventually, off camera, Porsha forced Dennis to show her his phone. Although the text messages he had exchanged with Kandi's friend didn't necessarily prove he was being messy, Porsha was still upset he had had any kind of friendly communication with her. Mad at herself for blindly defending her soon-to-be baby daddy, Porsha went to her therapist to figure out how she could move forward in her relationship without losing herself -- something she did in her first marriage.

After talking to her therapist, Porsha confronted Dennis.

"I cut off who I was talking to, and you were supposed to cut off who you were talking to, but you didn't," Porsha explained. "You were still being friendly."

Dennis insisted he "didn't do nothing wrong" and that he was "totally innocent," adding, "That was a very insignificant conversation." But Porsha didn't back down. (Atta girl!)

"So just say, 'Yes, I continued an insignificant conversation,'" she replied. "I need to hear you say that because you're almost saying, 'It was nothing. I didn't. She was texting me.' It almost makes it everybody else's fault but yours."

"You telling me that you had stopped being friendly and then you were -- that little bit right there kind of nicked at the trust that I have," she continued. "The bigger thing is this, and let me explain from the beginning. This is probably why it's even affecting me more than it would. In my last relationship, I became like the face of a great marriage. I had all these issues, and I would cover them up. I would literally fight to make people understand that it's not what they thought, it's perfect, we're all good -- when in reality, we just weren't. And so I feel like with you not owning some of this with me, I'm starting to put that mask back on."

Dennis eventually got what Porsha was saying and apologized. But she wasn't the only 'Wife of the bunch having issues with her man.

NeNe Leakes also expressed frustration with her husband, Gregg Leakes, who's been battling colon cancer. All season long, NeNe has been doing everything in her power to be Gregg's emotional, financial, physical and spiritual support system, but it's taken a major toll.

On Sunday's episode, NeNe hired a vegan chef to cook for a big birthday party she wanted to throw for Gregg. Gregg was rather snappy at the chef and even accused her of not being a "real" vegan chef. NeNe was mortified. At the party, Gregg gave a big thank you to everyone for coming and supporting him during his journey. NeNe was off in the distance, fighting back tears.

"I know that Gregg is the one with the disease and he's the one going through it, but I'm so close to him that he's put all the pressure on me," she vented during a confessional. "I wore out like a freaking car tire. I wore out. I hold a lot of things in, and I kind of hold them in and hold them in and hold them in, and then I sort of explode. I know that's something I need to work on. I'm holding them up, and at some point, I'm gonna need somebody to hold me up."

At the party, Gregg's sister pulled NeNe aside to ask her how she was holding up.

"Today was probably the first day I crashed," she admitted. "Mostly, I stay strong because I wanna stay strong for Gregg and I wanna stay strong for Brent. Brent is 19, and I don't want him getting too upset seeing me get upset. So I try to stay strong, but today, I was just like I cannot. This is too much for me. He is definitely a grouch. It's a lot. When he comes home from the doctor, he usually is not in a good mood. He's usually short and snappy only because he wanna hear something good, a good result."

Gregg's sister thanked NeNe profusely.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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