RHOC Recap: Vicki Alleges Kelly Assaulted Her Own Mother, Dodd Can't Wait for Gunvalson's Funeral
Biggest 'Housewives' Blowouts

Kelly has previously denied pushing her mom down the stairs.

Tuesday's episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" documented Vicki Gunvalson's tea party, but it also captured a whole lot of drama between birthday girl "Queen Victoria" and Kelly Dodd, as well as a massive blowup, courtesy of Gina Kirschenheiter.

Tamra Judge also found herself stirring the pot quite a few times, causing even good friend Shannon Beador to take notice.

We'll give you the juiciest nugget first, since it happened after the tea party.

When Vicki heard that Kelly had said she'd rather attend her funeral than her birthday party, she lashed out and said to Tamra and Shannon, "I have not talked about her looks, I have not talked about her family, I have not talked that she pushed her mother down the stairs."

Disappointed, Shannon said, "Well, now you are." But Tamra was intrigued: "She pushed her mom down the stairs?!"

"It's already been out," Vicki defended, after Shannon urged her to not speak about it anymore.

In April, Kelly denied ever pushing her mother after a video showing Tamra and Shannon filming a scene for "RHOC" was posted online by a fan; the clip showed the two discussing the allegation, with Tamra saying, "She pushed her mother down the stairs," before adding, "Kelly Dodd is the common problem."

At the time, Kelly told People, "Tamra is a known liar."

"My mom would be happy to go on record and say I never pushed her down the stairs," she added. "She actually wants to sue her for this."

"We had an ongoing disagreement, but it didn't mean [I] push [sic] her down the stairs," she maintained.

TooFab has contacted Dodd seeking additional comment.

Alright, now back to the top of the episode...

In the car on their way to meet up with Shannon and Gina to get costumes for Vicki's tea party, Tamra told Vicki that her friend, Shelly, had sent her a photo of Gina and her estranged husband, Matt, drunkenly making out at a bar. She told Vicki she couldn't wait to bring it up to Gina, who just last week told Tamra she only wanted to co-parent with Matt.

Once at the costume shop, Tamra filled Shannon in on what she had just told Vicki. Then when Gina arrived, Tamra pulled her aside and called her out. "You! You! You!" she whispered loudly, as Gina disapprovingly replied, "I know, I know. I swear, nothing happened." But Tamra said she knew Gina was "wasted" and that the two made out.

"Who said that?!" Gina wondered, before Vicki shouted, "Oh, we have photos!" Shannon asked Gina if she had slept with her ex. "No, no," she said convincingly. "Did you touch his wiener?" Tamra asked. Embarrassed, Gina replied, "Maybe a little."

Gina settled on getting a Mad Hatter costume for the event.

Later, the mother of three took her 5-year-old daughter, Sienna, to an occupational therapist to see if she had sensory issues that were affecting her motor skills. Gina felt guilty, thinking that her issues with Matt had kept her from keeping a close eye on her kids. It was strange to see her so vulnerable, as she usually keeps her personal matters private.

"I feel like Sienna has been a little bit neglected in this transition," she said tearfully. "Matt's not around, and it's all just affecting all of the kids. I feel like I've dropped the ball on this. I feel like it's my fault 'cause I feel like I did something wrong or like I failed to see something with one of my kids."

"I do have a lot going on at home," she went on. "That's part of what makes me feel like maybe I should try to get back with Matt 'cause clearly things are slipping. It's overwhelming, and I'm just not enough for everybody. It's really hard."

Fast-forward to Tamra sitting in her makeup chair, getting glammed up for the tea party. She FaceTimed Kelly to see if she had changed her mind about attending Vicki's party. Vicki had invited her after the two made up a few weeks back, but Kelly said she was simply not ready to celebrate Vicki. Plus, she told Tamra she was on her way to Los Angeles to return some dresses.

"You know what, I'm sorry, but I'm not celebrating her birthday. There is no way," Kelly told Tamra. "I mean, the only celebration I'm doing for her is going to her funeral. That's the only celebration I'd be doing."

In the moment, Tamra simply said, "Oh my God, Kelly! Well, you can just pretend?" Kelly later explained to the camera, "I can forgive Vicki, I can try to move forward with Vicki. Does it mean I have to buy her a birthday gift and be there and be her best friend? Hell, no!"

When Shannon and Vicki arrived, Tamra explained that Kelly wasn't "ready to celebrate Vicki" but made no mention of the funeral remark.

Gina, Emily Simpson and Braunwyn Windham-Burke were the first to arrive at the tea party. Instantly, Braunwyn started getting under Gina's skin. First, she told the server she didn't drink wine or champagne, so he offered her some tea. He brought over milk and sugar, which she didn't want either. "Can I be like really high-maintenance again? Do you have any milk alternatives? Can I just pull out the California card again?" she asked with a laugh. He said yes and fetched her some coconut milk.

Gina then opened up about the date she had just gone on with "Dr. Hottie," saying she felt guilty she had also just slept with Matt. Braunwyn's response: "Good for you for making bad choices because it just makes me feel less alone."

"Braunwyn's a great, big pain in the ass," Gina later vented to the camera. "That's what it is. She just has pain-in-the-ass-itis. It's very common in Orange County. There's no known cure."

On "Queen Victoria," Tamra and Shannon's way to the event, Tamra told the ladies that Kelly had gotten into a "bar fight" with her then-boyfriend, Dr. Brian. The story Tamra told was that Kelly and Dr. Brian got into an argument while they were out at a bar, so Kelly stormed off. When she returned, Dr. Brian had his arm around another woman, so Kelly ripped the woman's hand away. Tamra said the woman was now claiming her hand was fractured.

So what did Shannon do? Bring it up at the table. "Tamra just told us a story that [Kelly] got in a bar fight this weekend," she blurted out. "Why did you just say that?!" Tamra asked with a laugh, before proceeding to tell the women what she had just said in the car.

Immediately, everyone started to weigh in on what they thought happened with Kelly and Dr. Brian, who by this point had made up. The conversation annoyed Braunwyn because she felt she had the correct story because she's the closest with Kelly. This only further frustrated Gina.

Tamra excused herself from the table and went to the bathroom. Shannon followed. "I'm not completely comfortable with the conversation," Tamra said to Shannon. "I'm not gonna sit there while everybody's bashing Kelly. If I wanted to be a bitch to Kelly, I would just say to Vicki, 'She wanted to celebrate your death. She doesn't wanna be here. That's what Kelly told me today.'" Shannon was shocked and insanely disappointed, so they decided to FaceTime Kelly.

"I think you should come," Tamra shouted into the phone, but Kelly said she had strep throat and couldn't go anywhere. Tamra was confused, later telling the camera she was under the impression Kelly was going to L.A. "I'm just saying I feel like you should be here because there's a lot of talk about you right now at the table, and I didn't feel comfortable with it, so I walked away," Tamra explained, leaving out the part about her bringing up the "bar fight."

Once back at the table, the server brought over some finger sandwiches, which Braunwyn also had a problem with: "Could you make mine nut-free? I have an allergy. Thank you." Then in the midst of Gina opening up about her daughter's occupational concerns (which, again, she never does), Braunwyn asked the server to bring her another glass for her sparkling water "so I don't have to drink out of a bottle."

"You do public school, right?" Braunwyn then asked Gina after talking about how she has children on "both ends of the spectrum." Gina kept her head down and simply said, "She's not even in school yet, but yeah."

Braunwyn's point was that she's had a great experience with public schools when it comes to children with special needs, but the way she was saying it rubbed Gina the wrong way. The other women also had to let Braunwyn know that a charter school, which her oldest three kids attend, is not the same as a traditional public school.

"I can't, Braunwyn," Gina snapped. "I can't. It's just like, 'Public school! Public school! They're gonna be great. Can I have a glass so I don't have to drink out of a bottle?' You're kind of a snob in like not the funniest way to me."

Braunwyn was taken aback by the "mean" comment, but Gina didn't care. "You kind of sound like an asshole," she hurled at the newcomer, who started crying as she continued to explain why she loved public schools so much.

"I'm not gonna do it! I'm not gonna do the crying," Gina said, taking off her hat. "It has nothing to do with public schools and private schools. I might hit the lottery tomorrow! I'm gonna send my kids to the best f--king bougie private school I can find! It's not about that." When Braunwyn interrupted to say she would never send her kids to a private school, Gina flipped.

"I'm not talking about your kids! It's not about you, Braunwyn!" Gina shouted. "I'm not talking about you! If I win the lottery, It's not about you!" The entire restaurant was staring. "Happy birthday, Queen Victoria," Gina added as she looked over at Vicki, while Braunwyn got up and walked away in tears.

Shannon chased after to help explain why Gina flipped. She eventually came back to the table, apologized, as did Gina, and the cake was brought out. Naturally, Vicki didn't want to eat any of it, so Tamra smushed some into her face. By the time they left, Vicki was covered in frosting.

In the car on the way home, Shannon, Tamra and Vicki squished into the backseat of their SUV.

"Wait, so I thought Kelly was sick," Shannon said. "You don't think she was sick?" Tamra replied, "She was on her way to L.A. when I talked to her earlier when she said that she'd rather go to Vicki's funeral." She gasped while smiling, as cameras captured a disapproving Shannon.

"Are you serious?" Vicki asked. "Are you talking that she wants me dead? Who talks that way about somebody? Keep her f--king away from me. You keep her away from me." Tearing up, she added, "She's not welcome at my funeral."

Shannon leaned over and put her hand on Vicki's arm. "Somebody needs to teach her what's funny and what isn't," she said. "I'm sorry that you just heard that. That's a hard f--king thing to hear. It's bad. It's bad."

"I've never heard anybody in my life talk the way she does," Vicki sobbed. "It hurts. She called me a pig, she called Steve a piece of shit..."

Shannon tried to be devil's advocate and remind Vicki she hasn't necessarily been an angel, but that's when Ms. Gunvalson unleashed.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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