Why Drake Bell Hasn't Spoken to Josh Peck 'In a Little While' After All That Wedding Drama
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The former "Drake & Josh" star also tells TooFab how he really feels about his sitcom house being demolished.

Drake Bell was not a happy camper when he went back to the house at the center of the beloved Nickelodeon comedy series, "Drake & Josh," only to find rubble.

"All that remains is this mailbox," he revealed in a video he shared on Twitter last week of his disappointing trip down memory lane.

The house in Encino, California, was demolished more than a decade after the final episode of the 2004 teen sitcom aired -- and Drake feels that was the wrong move.

"I think the Smithsonian should have been involved," the actor-turned-musician joked when he stopped by Studio TooFab. "There should have been petitions. I think there was a petition -- there had to have been! There's enough love for it that [a petition] didn't have to be created by someone involved with the show, and that's why it should have been a historical landmark."

But TooFab couldn't help but notice that Drake seemed a bit on edge when asked if he reached out to his former co-star, Josh Peck, following the demolition.

"Um, well, you know, we uh -- I haven't talked to Josh in a little while," he said as he squirmed in his seat. "No, I didn't text him about it. He went over there with David [Dobrik] a while ago while the house was still up. Yeah, but, uh -- which was cool for him. He got to see it before it was torn down. I don't know, Josh is busy doing stuff."

When asked if there was any shade intended with his response, Drake said there was none.

"No shade at all!" he said. "I love the kid. The thing is we're just super busy."

Last summer, Josh Peck married longtime girlfriend Paige O'Brien. To Drake's surprise, he did not receive an invite and vented about it on Twitter, writing and later deleting, "When you're not invited to the wedding, the message is clear... True colors have come out today. Message is loud and clear. Ties are officially cut. I'll miss you, brotha."

The two seemingly patched things up at the 2017 MTV VMAs, where Josh told TooFab he and Drake "reconnected."

"It was just kind of weird," Drake told TooFab about the snub. "We're bros, we've been friends for 20 years, we've spent the majority of our lives together. I don't know... I think what bugged me about it is that it seemed like an obvious [choice]... I was on the 'no' list! I think that just kind of bummed me out."

Drake also said he was "blown away" when his tweets about the wedding made headlines.

"It must've been such a slow news day. I was just praying for Trump to tweet something!" he joked. "I thought [Josh] might see [the tweet] and be like, 'Oh, I should've invited him.' I didn't think it was gonna catch on like wildfire and just be the biggest news. It blew my mind how much press it got."

When asked if he ever got an explanation from Josh, Drake jokingly said, "He doesn't like me! And the extra chicken would have been really expensive -- like another $7.95 or something like that."

Drake took on a slightly more serious tone when he said, "It was a small wedding -- I think there was something like 30 or 50 people there," adding that Josh told him his "wife handled it."

When asked if Josh would be receiving an invite to his wedding when the time came, Drake blurted out, "absolutely not."

"He didn't invite me to the wedding," he joked. "I'm not gonna let him have a piece of my cake 'cause my cake's gonna be really good, and I didn't get to have any of his... No, I'm just messing. Of course! Josh is always invited. We have crazy schedules, so that's the thing, we're not always together. But it is all water under the bridge. We're like brothers."

But isn't there always some truth behind every joke? Watch Drake's body language in the video above and decide for yourself.

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