Cher Shares Secret to Her Butt, MAGA Death Threats, Why She's 'Not a Cher Fan' and More on 'Ellen'

The "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" star took over "Ellen" where she helped the host hijack a local hair salon and performed a track off her new album of ABBA covers.

The legendary icon that is Cher took over the full hour of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" where she dished on her workout secrets, not being a Cher fan, getting #MAGA death threats, and that one time she and Meryl Streep saved a girl's life.

Just a typical day in the life of Cher, we're sure. She is definitely not just like us.

For one thing, Cher is 72-years old and she looks as good as Cher! She's a true icon who's returned with a vengeance, starring in the hit film "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" and releasing the related album "Dancing Queen," filled with covers of ABBA's greatest hits. And she proved she's still got everything where it counts by slaying "SOS" for Ellen's audience.

Even better, she confirmed that her upcoming tour, which is kicking off in Australia and New Zealand, will be coming stateside, so everyone will get one more chance to see Cher perform her greatest hits ... and some of ABBA's as well. And who wouldn't love that?

In fact, how can anyone not be a Cher fan, Cher? Check out the below videos for answers to that, Cher's workout secrets and her tale of heroics with Meryl Streep. Plus, find out how wrong it can go when Ellen and Cher take over a hair salon, before wrapping it up with Cher's silky vocals caressing "SOS."

Don't Care for Cher

Everyone in the world seems to love Cher, but the icon admitted to Ellen, "I'm not a Cher fan." She was talking about how her latest album came together.

"It was a whim kind of thing," she said of the ABBA covers project. "It wasn't serious but then when I did it, I'm really proud of it. And I'm not a Cher fan."

When Ellen asked her how that could be, considering she's not Cher, the explanation was actually pretty logical. "I don't want to listen to it," she said of her work. "I don't want to hear my voice."

She then asked Ellen, "How do you feel about hearing your voice?" When Ellen agreed she hated, as we all do, that was all the explanation we needed to understand. Just trust us, Ms. Cher, your voice is divine!

Twitter Chering

Cher has picked up a whole new cadre of haters online as well, thanks to her opinionated and outspoken liberal views. In fact, the vitriol has reached such a level, the singer admitted she's started "to pull it back sometimes."

"I try to be a little bit more reserved because of the climate," she explained. "When I do something really bad, I get thousands and thousands of [Trump] supporters that tell me in one way or another that they would want to kill me."

And so she's taken to a new Twitter strategy. "Now, what I'm doing is I tweet it and then I put it on my pictures and then I look at it for a long, long time and I get it out of my system."

Of course, in today's climate, it doesn't take much to get either side riled up, so she's probably getting just as many hateful responses no matter how careful she is.

Cher Your Workout

Luckily, one thing everyone seems to be able to agree on is that Cher absolutely defies aging. The woman is a goddess, and so Ellen simply had to try and get down to the bottom of it. In particular, she wanted to talk about Cher's bottom.

"We were watching in rehearsal and we were talking about your ass. I need to know what you do," Ellen said. "We want to know your butt exercises."

Cher admitted that she has several exercises that target this area, describing a few of them most have heard of, like leg lifts and squats. "Old-fashioned things," she called them. But she also admitted, "I do Zumba."

But she doesn't do it in a class, because let's face it, no one else there would get any work done. "I have a tape," she said.

"I would like to see that," Ellen countered.



Cheryl to the Rescue

One video we'd love to see is one that accompanies Cher's tale of the daring and somewhat reckless rescue she and Meryl Streep pulled off back in 1983, shortly after the birth of Streep's daughter, Mamie Gummer. It was a story she first told back in June on "The Late Late Show," as reported by Vulture, but it never gets old in the hearing.

This was when Meryl lived in what Cher described as a "dangerous neighborhood." And yet, one night she decided she wanted to go out for ice cream. "We're walking and we haven't got around the corner yet and we hear screaming. We get around the corner and there's this huge man ... and he's pulling at this girl," Cher recalled. "He's like shaking this girl."

But then things got absolutely crazy. "Meryl just starts screaming and takes off and I start screaming and take off and think, 'I'm going to get killed; my friend is going to kill me.' So we're running and running and the guy turns around and he sees us and he starts running towards us. And then I thought, 'we're really gonna get killed.'

"But we both split off in the opposite directions and we got to the girl. He had kind of like ripped her clothes, but she kept her purse, and that's what he wanted. And then, we're like trying to fix her all up ... then she looks at us and she screams and she said, 'Oh my god I'm a singing waitress and no one's going to believe I got mugged and saved by Meryl Streep and Cher.'"

Cherstylist 'SOS'

The hairstylists and two customers at Drybar down the street have probably been telling a similarly hard to believe story, but at least now they have the video proof to back it up as Cher and Ellen really did just walk into the salon and take over.

Neither of them really knew what they were doing, obviously, but that didn't stop Ellen from wetting down both women's hair while Cher was trying to blowdry them.

If this sounds counterproductive, it absolutely was. But then it got worse when they broke out the wigs and Ellen shared with the world her Cher impression. How was it?

"Of all the bad [impressions] I've heard of me, this is probably the worst," Cher said as Ellen was performing "If I Could Turn Back Time."

In the end, it was a wash for the customers, but Ellen found it a real bonding experience. "I feel like we got closer," she said.

"You and me?" Cher countered.

"Yeah, I feel like we're best friends now."

"No. We're not."

But Cher still came back to the studio to offer up her take on the ABBA classic "SOS," which you can check out in the video below.

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