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The host does not hold back, taking one of the house's most aggressive alpha males to task as CBS finally shows some of the summer's most offensive comments captured on the live feeds.

For many fans, it was a moment that was a long-time coming, as Julie Chen finally confronted one of the house's alpha males about all those aggressive, racist and misogynist comments made throughout the summer ... but were not shown on CBS until now.

"Big Brother" live feed fans have been chronicling the offensive language and aggressive behavior of both Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews throughout the summer. With both of them on the block heading into eviction night, Julie and CBS had the perfect opportunity to put together two packages and prepare to address these serious issues, no matter which of them was evicted.

Kudos to the show and the network, too, as they clearly set aside extra time during that exit interview to show those longer, live feed clips and get the immediate reactions from the evicted HouseGuest. It's only unfortunate that it had to happen after both men reached jury, because it limited what Julie could say to them.

As members of the "Big Brother" jury, they are not allowed to gain any outside information before finale night when they collectively vote for the winner of "Big Brother." But at that time, there will be no time for a discussion about insensitive and offensive behavior, so Julie did the best she could with what she had. We're going to start with how he got eliminated below, before diving into his conversation with Julie.

The Jacks No More

Jessica managed to pull off what Cliff could not, evicting one of the Jacks and officially firing the first shot into the heart of the Six Shooters. Or at least, she took a shot at what was left of them. Even Tommy's efforts tonight to rally the troops and bring the Six back together before one of the got evicted ended in failure.

Once again, Christie was in spin mode, so even her apologies were built on blaming others. Jack said his piece, which was an apology, and then immediately left the room. And Michie was still clearly too hurt and offended to engage in the conversation. That said, does this mean the Six Shooters are dead? Or could they reform with modified membership?

When it came time for the vote, there was an audible gasp when Tommy voted to evict Jack despite the tightness of their bond. We don't yet know why he went rogue, but it certainly sets the stage for uncertainty going forward. As expected, Analyse and Christie had Jack's back, but they were the only ones, and so it was Jack who was the first of the alphas to face the music with Julie.

Dismissive Denial

Jack was both courteous and dismissive in the face of the words he used during his time on the show. When Julie played a clip of him saying he wanted to "stomp a f--king mudhole" through Kemi's chest, he said, "Oh, controversial."

He was able to at least somewhat justify the comment as a callback to something "BB20" contestant Sam said when she was frustrated (she also had serious aggression issues at times in the house). By the same token, Jack did apologize for his comments and said he would take them back if he could. But he also had an explanation for each of his more egregious comments.

"I will say that the 'stomp the mudhole' comment is based on something Sam said last season when she was frustrated. I don't think there was any personal vendetta behind saying that. I think my statements were playful in a group of people," he said. "I do apologize for what I said and that's very sincere. I think Kemi was and is a great person. I think this game and being in 24-hour view of people and you say things. I wouldn't say that I fully support the things that I said and the way that I said them. If I could take them back, I would. And I wish I could have articulated them in some other way possible."

Of the "rice pudding" comment in reference to Asian-American Bella, Jack said it was another callback, this time to an earlier discussion about slop pudding variations, including rice pudding. At the same time, he appeared to be using the same kind of charming and disarming language and courtesy he used in the house.

"I appreciate you letting me be able to voice my opinion about that," he told Chen. "We spoke earlier in the evening; there was the slop thing going on and people were making different recipes. Earlier that evening, mainly Tommy and Christie, and rice pudding was spoke about in slop pudding ... It had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with her ethnicity, whatsoever."

Sincere? Probably at least somewhat ... or at least we'd hope so. Damage control? Most definitely.

The Speed of HOH

In a shocking turn of events that should once again flip the house into abject chaos, Tommy pulled off his first competition win of the season. That's good news for Christie and (probably) Analyse, but who else? Tommy was a stray vote to evict Jack, so what he meant by that means more than anything.

Tommy has already tried to rally the troops and get the Six back together. We could see him trying again now that he's in power. Nick has been playing both sides, so he'll likely flip to Tommy now that he's in power. It's what Michie and Holly do that will be interesting. Michie feels particularly burned by Christie, but would he take an olive branch to further his game?

It's worth noting that Top 3 in the competition were Tommy, Analyse and Christie, with Michie coming fourth. In other words the Six Shooters remain competition threats, even though only Christie and Tommy have now won one HOH each.

As it stands right now, Cliff's Angels (Cliff, Nicole, Jessica, Kathryn) seems to be the strongest remaining alliance, but they'll also likely be targeted this week, unless Tommy goes gunning for Michie and Holly directly. After the Angels, it's the couples of Michie & Holly and Christie & Tommy. It'll be interesting to see how alliances form this week, even in the short term, and who Tommy's targets are.

HouseGuest Report Cards

Cliff is quietly in control of his own game and the house. Everyone has started deferring to him in the way they did Jack. He's earned that respect through his gameplay and his overall decency as a human being. On top of that, he's playing a very savvy mental game, seeing all the angles and proving he's willing to make the moves that need making. Grade: A+

Holly is in a great spot in the house, and she's got Michie in her back pocket. They will be targeted as a duo, but she has herself positioned in the middle of the house and both sides would love to woo her. Holly has proven willing and able to keep her head, to help Michie keep his (important) and she'll make the tough decisions to further her game. Grade: A-

Christie didn't win HOH, but she might as well have. She continues to play a very volatile game, but it's one that is working for her overall. That said, cracks are starting to form. She's done a great job of covering her play by getting everyone who starts to see her for what she is evicted, but now they'll be going to jury to compare notes. That could destroy her chance at actually winning. Grade: B+

Jessica comes off of a power week of dominance. If she's not immediately targeted as retribution, she should be able to slide back into a quiet place as a "floater" in the house, overlooked and underestimated. Especially as Cliff seems to be getting all the respect from the other side for his gameplay. That said, Jess did kind of just show up for this game, but that's not a bad strategy at this point. Grade: B

Tommy rises to power and the top of the rankings this week, though he may not stay there. His next decisions will be crucial for his long-term fate in this game. Does he cling to a dying alliance or show the flexibility needed to advance in this game. We've never seen him have to make decisions before, so this should be interesting ... or he'll let someone else choose for him. Grade: B-

Nicole is not seen by anyone as a threat in the game. She hardly talks game and no one is gunning for her or paying attention to her. But for those in her tight alliance, she is far more savvy than she lets on. She is playing a stronger mental game than many realize, but her social game is definitely lacking and she's not building any sort of a case for herself in the end. Grade: C+

Kathryn and Analyse are both kind of floating in the middle of the game. Kat has the stronger alliance right now, but they're not in power, thus equalizing these two for the moment. Analyse has won nothing and not been targeted yet, making her slightly more invisible, so it's up to her to decide what her game will be without Jack now. Meanwhile, Kat has the stronger social game, but nobody sees her as a threat or even takes her seriously. Grade: C

Nick is floating aggressively between the sides in the house, but they know he's doing it. In the short-term, he could be used as a number, but in the long-term this spells doom for his game. No one will trust him because they know he will flip and flop to the end. That's also a very hard sell to the jury. Grade: C-

Michie survived the block, but he's now a threat and potential target to both sides of the house. How these HGs reshuffle themselves in the next few days will be crucial to seeing if he even has a game. Grade: D

Jack played too hard and too strong and with too much charisma, manipulation, aggression and charm. It is almost impossible to come in that strong as an alpha male and win "Big Brother" or even make it to the end. Even the alliance was built all wrong as it created too clear of a divide in the house that no one in Gr8ful attempted to cross. That meant as soon as they were out of power, they would be targeted and the alpha males first. Thus, Jack goes to jury. Human nature. Grade: F

House Chatter

  • "I don't want the votes of Tommy, Sis or Christie. They are non-existent to me at this point." -- Michie (prior to the vote)
  • "At this point he's the best friend I have." --Jack (bonding with his alien punishment tormenter)
  • "When are you doing your campaigning?" -- Jessica
  • "I'm not campaigning against him. I shook his hand on Day 1. I'm never gonna vote against him, never campaign against him, I'm gonna stick to it." -- Jackson
  • "I thought this six were done, but here they are again upstairs having another closed-door meeting." -- Cliff
  • "I will come in here and have a conversation if I can put my own words in my mouth, but I will not have you put them in my mouth for me." -- Jackson
  • "This has been Christie's game for 40 days now ... I'm not going to keep doing this anymore." -- Jackson
  • "51 days, gang. How I've learned all the little things about you. Sis, when you scare people, you almost pee yourself. Free Nick's hips, Tommy, when you cry, you curl your lower lip and when you're pissed you curl your upper one. Christie, you cry at the drop of a hat, let's be honest, but the way you chew things is unreal in any aspect. Cliff, when you dance with Sharon it's the most beautiful thing on this planet and I respect it to the Nth degree. Jess, you're so great in the way that you eat your cereal and drink the milk down onto the last bit with your spoon and won't drink it out of the bowl. Nicole, your fear of birds, especially turkeys, is incredible and Kat the fact that you can be holding any conversation with anybody and be able to check yourself out in the mirror and purse your lips just a little bit. Holly, when you say any witty remark and perk up and get excited about it, it's just wonderful. Last, this big guy (Michie). That you can be suspended nine feet in the air (censored but surely about him peeing himself during that competition)." -- Jack
  • "I know there's been a lot said about me and my character and things have been taken to a personal level in this game, which is heartbreaking, but I know who I am and I know who I'm not. I know what I've said and I know what I haven't. I know what I've done and I know what I haven't. I'm loyal to a fault to those that I care about. Shook this man's (Jack) hand on Day 1, wanted to work with him all the way until the final end and I hoped that was the only time we'd be sitting in these two chairs. But here's the second time, and I'm gonna stay true to that. I never campaigned against him and I'm not going to start now. To the Allen family, [Holly] is a beautiful daughter. She's beautiful on the inside and out and you all should be proud of her. Because I know that for the past 51 days, I know that I am." -- Jackson
  • "I made a decision at the beginning to live and die by trusting Christie and Tommy and because I stuck with that, I think making that decision--" -- Jack (bad call)
  • "Does Michie know that?" -- Julie
  • "I think he found that out" -- Jack
  • "If you guys get the opportunity, don't." --Jack (telling audience not to play 'Big Brother' with a laugh)