Kelly Dodd Wishes She'd Hit 'Schemer' Shannon Beador 'Harder,' Calls Vicki Gunvalson an Uneducated 'Dumbass'
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This interview went off the rails, and Andy Cohen could not get enough.

Kelly Dodd has only one regret about smacking Shannon Beador on the head with a mallet, and it's not that she smacked Shannon Beador on the head with a mallet.

She simply wishes she had hit her "Real Housewives of Orange County" co-star "harder."

Appearing on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" Tuesday night, Kelly was as unapologetic as she was unaware of the fact that the Bravo boss adores poking fun at the wildly unpredictable black sheep of the franchise.

After playing back a portion of the most recent episode of "RHOC," during which Kelly smacked Gina Kirschenheiter on the head in an attempt to reenact her "love tap" on Shannon, Andy asked his guest, "Did you think you were a little out of control this episode?"

"No, absolutely not," Kelly replied confidently. Smiling, Andy repeated her words. "Absolutely not? Okay."

"They were," she insisted, before making the following statement: "There was absolutely scheming and there was manipulative. Like, they just totally... There was no hitting on the head! I wish I would've did it harder."

Very well.

Squirming in his seat, Cohen revealed that 81 percent of the audience voted they were on Beador's side of the ordeal. "Go ahead!" Dodd shouted. "Do 100! Why not 100 percent?!"

For the record, Shannon was wearing a metal bowl on her head and getting her aura cleansed at a wellness retreat when Kelly decided to jokingly "dong" her with a mallet. The hit left Shannon with a gnarly headache, but she only really started to panic when the vision out of her left eye became blurry.

Tamra Judge accompanied her to urgent care, which Kelly found laughable and unnecessary. She also felt vindicated she was able to predict Shannon would make "a big deal" out of the situation. But after receiving a head CT, doctors informed Shannon she had suffered a mild concussion. Still, Kelly would do it again.

Given the nature of his guest and of their previous conversation, Cohen decided to play a little game with Dodd, reading off certain things she's said or done that could be considered regrettable, and asking if she regrets them.

Before Andy could even finish asking Kelly if she regretted sending Vicki Gunvalson that video of an animated pig emoji shouting absurdities, Kelly shouted, "Nope!"

"Do you regret saying Vicki looked like a Sasquatch at Tamra's..." Andy tried to ask. Again, Kelly cut him off. "She does," she said with a shrug.

"Do you regret telling the women to F off after the train rumor was brought up?" Cohen asked. "Uh, nope!" Dodd replied.

"Do you regret signing off on Dr. Brian renting an apartment below yours?" Andy asked. "Yes, I do," Kelly said. (Note: Dr. Brian is the "LOSER" plastic-surgeon-turned boyfriend Kelly accused of cheating on her.)

When Andy asked Kelly if she regretted hitting Gina on the head, too, she unsurprisingly replied, "Nope!"

During the sound bath activity at the wellness retreat, Shannon accused Kelly of not taking the weekend seriously after she said that her greatest wish was to have her sparkling water line make it into big-box retailers. No regrets there, either.

"I'm in 200 Targets right now, so it worked!" Dodd shouted.

"Nope!" she interjected before Cohen could finish asking if she regretted screaming at Judge for going to urgent care with Beador.

"Do you regret sharing details of your sex life with Dr. Brian?" he pressed. "Yes!" she shouted.

When Andy asked Kelly if she regretted being open with her 13-year-old daughter, Jolie, about the specifics of her issues with Vicki (cocaine and sex train accusations), she again shouted, "Nope!"

The only other non-Dr. Brian-related thing Kelly regrets is telling Emily Simpson she messed up during her Las Vegas burlesque performance.

Looking directly at the camera, an impressed Cohen said he didn't think his guest would regret "any of them, but she regretted three out of 12!"

At another point during the sit-down, Kelly interrupted fellow guest and "The View" co-host, Meghan McCain, to respond to a tweet Vicki had posted in regard to Kelly's claims she's more "accomplished" than Gina because she's "owned 10 homes," has "millions of dollars" and has never been arrested for DUI.

"How can Kelly say she's 'accomplished?'" Andy read aloud. "She does not have a job, does not own a home, is not a career person and lives in a $4500 900 square foot apartment that is about to be condemned??"

Stumbling over her words, Dodd replied, "Well, it is, but okay. So? It absolutely is. It absolutely is." Cohen was in stitches.

"But I'm college educated; she's not," Dodd added. "Okay? Nope. She didn't graduate. She's not college educated. She's a dumbass. She's not college educated. I am. I've owned 10 homes. I have a lot of money in the bank. I do. I can afford whatever I wanna afford! I go on... She lives in the six! Like, she's an idiot!"

Dodd continued to speak over McCain after Cohen asked whether she ever feared being fired from "The View." "Well, she's a trust fund baby, so she doesn't have to worry ... She doesn't need the job," said Dodd. "PHD: papa has dough. It's okay."

McCain said that, yes, she does come from privilege, before correcting Dodd by saying, "Honey, it's actually my mother," thanks to her family's connection to Bud Light -- and not "Coors Light," as Dodd exclaimed. Watch the wild interaction around the 9:25 mark below.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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