The Best Celebrity Clapbacks of All Time

"Jimmy Kimmel saved Obamacare, what the f--k have you done, son?" raps the Oscar-winning actress.

Halle Berry and James Corden went head-to-head on the premiere episode of TBS' "Drop the Mic," where she proved to be a fierce competitor for the late-night host.

The "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" star was one of the first to take on Corden in a rap battle for the series, which was spun-off from one of his regular sketches on "The Late Late Show."

James started by attacking some of Halle's earlier films, including the widely-panned "Catwoman" and her infamous topless scene in "Swordfish."

"Let's not pretend that 'Catwoman' didn't suck, Halle that was a Batman, how'd you mess that up?" he rapped. "I loved your movie 'Swordfish,' well just one scene, it's considered a classic for prepubescent teens.

Her clapback: "I'm glad Swordfish was to your satisfaction, its probably the only time your dick has seen some action!"

Shen then brought up her award-winning past in a brutal dig, rapping, "James has a Tony, that's cool and all ... but I have an Oscar, so suck my Monster Balls."

Other jokes lobbed back and forth at each other brought up Corden's now-famous Sean Spicer kiss and Halle's many exes.

Here are a few of the best burns:

James: Halle is a classic. This whole thing's tragic. You're just Viola Davis but not as charismatic

Halle: Fat jokes are too easy, I try to be nicer. But who held your pizza when you kissed Sean Spicer? You apologized, so I know you learned your lesson. Too bad you couldn't give a hand job to Jeff Sessions

James: 2008 you were Sexiest Woman Alive. Was that a moment when Beyoncé briefly died?

Halle: Jimmy Kimmel saved Obamacare, what the f-ck have you done, son?

James: When it comes to getting married, three divorces is enough. Forget signing autographs, sign a prenup. You've done so many X-Men movies, maybe a dozen. I heard X-Men and I thought it was about your husbands.

Halle: Now, why are you so angry and pushy? Of course, you hated 'Catwoman,' you never get p-ssy!

It ended with Berry proclaiming, "This battle's like the Oscars, y'all, the winner is Halle!" before she was handed the golden mic.

Watch more rap battles below: