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A surprise murder victim is only surpassed by the shocking revelation of who killed them and, perhaps even worse, who witnessed it!

There is no consensus on social media for how to process the reveal of just who got murdered at Connor and Oliver's wedding on "How to Get Away with Murder's" fall finale, but it's definitely got everyone feeling some kind of way.

Taking a page from "Game of Thrones," "HTGAWM" just couldn't let a wedding slide without someone getting offed. That said, "Murder" does have that word in its title and this is just the latest in a long strong if people who've been killed by almost all of our various protagonists.

Interesting the lead protagonist seems to be the only one who hasn't killed anyone. Either there's a big reveal coming, or they're saving it for the series finale. Maybe she'll kill everyone!

This murder has been teased all season long, and at least it appears to be somewhat justified, if not in the eyes of the law. Who needs due process when you have enough evidence to see red ... and then make it a red wedding. But not to worry, the adorable Connor and Oliver made it through this episode alive after tying the knot.

The news wasn't so good for one of their guests, who didn't even make it into the reception before being confronted by Bonnie. And yes, this is where it's also a little heartbreaking, because she'd reached the point where she had no choice but to confront Miller for the death of Nate Sr. Yes, things aren't going so great on that front, despite him professing his love.

But things were about to get even worse because as Bonnie was rejecting Miller and flying solo to the wedding, Nate was following a very damning trail of evidence that seems to make it pretty clear that Miller made a fateful phone call to the prison on the night Nate Sr. died.

That was enough to put Nate into such a rage that he beat Miller nearly to death outside the reception. But, and some people seem unclear on this, Nate did not kill Miller.

Bonnie finds the two men, Nate in tears over Miller's prone form. And after he shows her the evidence, and seems to have regressed, it's Bonnie who actually finishes Miller off via suffocation. Oh, and did we mention she had Laurel's son at the time, so she just parked a baby in the snow while all this went down.

So yeah, another murderer under Annalise's belt, so to speak, and poor Bonnie is apparently doomed to die alone. After this, though, we'd be kind of hesitant to get too close to her. Especially if we have any dark secrets in our closets.

Check out some of the reactions as fans tried to process this wild wedding reception, sending the hashtag #HTGAWM soaring to to the top of Twitter's trending topics Thursday night.

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