Jessica Simpson Says 'Sex Is So Much Better Sober' as She Talks Recovery
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"You feel a lot more," says Simpson, whose husband also stopped drinking in solidarity with his wife.

Jessica Simpson has been piecing her life back together since her drinking problem got the best of her in 2017. Sober since hitting rock bottom, she's now talking about her recovery in a new interview with The Coach Mike Podcast.

Appearing on Tuesday's debut episode, Simpson spoke with the life coach about how she started turning her life around following a drinking and pill problem that brought her to a particularly low point on Halloween 2017, something she details in her memoir "Open Book."

Telling host Mike Bayer that she didn't actually start drinking until she was 21, "it all started to escalate" from there. She made a point to note that she and husband Eric Johnson "had a lot of fun" when they would drink, explaining how she's "not mad at our experiences together and we were madly in love with each other through it all."

That being said, "I have to say, sex is so much better sober," she added. "You feel a lot more," said Simpson, whose husband gave up alcohol in solidarity when she did.

The singer said there's nothing she misses about booze, explaining that she threw away all the "Sparkle Cups" she used to put her day drinks in at the height of her problem. "Anything that would remind me of that, would bring me down," she recalled, "I had to rid myself of it completely."

While she is in a much better place now, Simpson also noted one thing about getting sober that she "didn't like."

"Everyone was so weird around me. Like, they couldn't be themselves," she recalled, saying her friends would be afraid to have alcohol in her presence. "I was like, 'Please have the drink, I don't want it, I promise!' But they were trying to be supportive, but they were also like tip toeing around me that I am very conscious of that."

"When somebody's not being themselves around me, it makes me feel uncomfortable," she explained. "I'd much rather people be drinking around me than not, because I want them to be authentic and be themselves and not change to be around me. That for me, it feels like they're pitying me in some way."

She explained they still have parties at their house where alcohol is present, but, for her, "it's never been something I've wanted to go back to."

Listen to the full interview below:

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